Little Planets by Lorena Ostia

Generative adversarial networks + Microscopic Images

Using GANs and microscopic images, this series represents the microcosms that live around us, in this case the microcosms of a Scoby(Symbiotic culture of Bacteria and Yeast). 39 trillion microbes call our bodies homes, they are fundamental to our existence yet the majority of the population are oblivious to their existence. The Machine learning model took 39 hours to process in order to represent the 39 trillions microbes.

Little planets will be part of the online group exhibition GUI/GOOEY curated by Laura Splan March 1 – May 1, 2023

Bioplastics workshop info + I added some photos to the drive. I forgot to take a group photo with everyone.

Lorena Ostia For the past few years her practice included Biomaterials, living materials and recycled objects. Her passion lies in the intersection of sustainability in art practice, education and equality. Currently she is leading workshops about BioArt across NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and Tisch School of Arts while conducting research for her upcoming project at Genspace, a community Biology laboratory.

Her class title “Artists in Laboratories” was showcased at the Global Community Bio Summit 2023 under the BioArt section.