Sollemnitas by Julia Margaret Lu and Wendy Ling-Hsuan Wang

Sollemnitas is a modern holiday created to celebrate the end of a long life. When you host your sollemnitas, what foods will you serve to represent the life you lived? As the climate crisis forces us to change what we eat and the way we grow and harvest food, will double stuf Oreos make it to the sollemnitas party? This project invites participants to tap into their relationship with food to bring attention to the future of food in the face of the imminent climate crisis.

Julia Margaret Lu is a multimedia artist who is investigating storytelling through electronics with an architectural lens of space and community.

Wendy Ling-Hsuan Wang is a designer and artist who brings her background in life sciences to her creative practice. Through her art practice, she seeks to reimagine our relationship with the natural world in the face of environmental change.