exquisite adjacent

fall 2022

The Adjacent zine is a love letter to community on the ITP floor through print and collage. After ITP and the world went hyper-digital in Covid years, we decided to make something more hi-touch than hi-tech. We wanted this issue to reflect the ITP floor coming back to life, so this publication transformed into a medium for gathering. It is 32 pages of generative poetry, friendship, history, workshops, games, and more. The zine was printed for and distributed at the 2022 ITP Winter Show at 370 Jay Street.

Special Thanks to:
Shawn van Every, George Agudow, Doc Lab

Printed by NYU Reprographics for the 2022 ITP Winter Show

Special Guests:
Molly Ritmiller
Blair Simmons

Content created by:
Christina Cappelli
Leia Chang
Max Chu
Lily Crandall
Sarah Elix
Angelo Espinosa Tiu
Nancy Hechinger
Tuan Huang
Tom Igoe
Dre Jacome
Jo Kim
So Yeon Kim
Yi-Chun Lan
Long Long
Julia Margaret Lu
Divya Mehra
Lucia Mumma
Francisco Navas
Mega Olonbayar
Tres Pimentel
Shaurya Seth
Neeti Sivakumar
Dipika Titus
Jaxon Wang
Lifei Wang
Kristina You
Zichen ‘Oliver’ Yuan
Cass Yao

The entire ITP/IMA Student Body